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Associated Human Capital Management has partnered with Matchpoint Payment Solutions to offer a variety of innovative credit card processing options to better streamline your processing needs, reduce cost and improve customer interaction.


Whether you are looking for a traditional dial-up POS terminal, want to take advantage of an existing internet connection or require a wireless or mobile solution, Matchpoint offers user-friendly options that protect customer data and enable credit or debit transactions in card-present, e-commerce, mobile and mail-order/telephone-order environments.


US banks are adding EMV technology to your customer’s credit cards and are requiring businesses to update their terminals to be compliant. EMV technology, which stands for “Europay, MasterCard, and Visa,” is a small computer chip added to cards that makes them harder to counterfeit. Starting in October 2015, businesses that don’t have an EMV compatible terminal could be held liable for fraudulent chip card transactions. Matchpoint Payment Solutions, offers several EMV-enabled devices that will protect your business from assuming responsibility.

Here are just a few options:

A cloud-based payment gateway that enables users to perform recurring and installment billing. It is EMV compatible and completely PCI compliant.
These terminals easily accept payments, feature upgraded EMV technology, and are cost-effective.
Best suited for retail and restaurant establishments, Talech’s POS system allows you to use mobile devices to track and manage employee hours, print and scan barcodes, manage inventory, and print order tickets to multiple printers.
This card reader can be used in conjunction with your desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet to create a secure, pay-anywhere solution with lower rates and next-day funding.* *Mini Wedge is only EMV-compatible when used with Converge or Talech.


Cost Reduction


Matchpoint Payment Solutions’ industry-leading fraud solution reduces manual reviews and false positives allowing you to captures more sales. Our business processing outsourcing optimizes your labor costs and other resources associated with managing chargebacks and fraud.


With MerchantConnect you can:

  • Effectively manage interchange expenses
  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Monitor the mix of cards presented
  • Generate in-depth analysis and aggregated reports for chains.


The process of securing cardholder data and maintaining PCI compliance is increasingly complex and costly. Matchpoint Payment Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of security solutions and services.

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