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Competitive Advantage is Gained by Making the Right Decisions Quickly!

analytics-featuresHigh-quality decisions help drive competitive advantages and long-term profitability for businesses all around the world. These decisions are based on business data, much of which comes from payroll and HR. But the quality and thoroughness of data can vary if your service provider doesn’t provide the right tools. Additionally, data can be stored in more than one place, manually collected, and analyzed differently by various stakeholders within an organization which can slow down the decision making process and increase the chance for discrepancies…or worse, making the wrong decision!

What if that changed? Associated Analytics helps solve these problems by taking raw data from the many payroll, HR, and benefits sources of your business and putting it into decision support dashboards. Your business data is then easily accessible to your entire leadership team, providing valuable insight to make sound decisions…these are the tools of the modern business world!

Benefits to you

  • Use data to make decisions that allow your management team to leap-frog your competitors in your market
  • Make better fact based decisions
  • Save mangers time consolidating data
  • Increase visibility of what is going on throughout your organization
  • High implementation ROI


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