CEO Rob Basso thanks longtime client Rob Salvatico for keeping his guests safe!

May 1, 2020
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May 1, 2020 Associated HCM

CEO Rob Basso thanks longtime client Rob Salvatico for keeping his guests safe!

To say thank you to a longtime Associated HCM client, CEO Rob Basso took a drive to visit Hotel Indigo this past weekend and captured the photo to the left.

Rob Salvatico, President of the Hotel Indigo and Holiday Inn Express in Riverhead NY, is a long-standing client of Associated HCM. While you can imagine how challenging these times are for the travel/hotel industry is right now, Rob’s hotels are still open and serving their clients under challenging conditions.

Big tip of the hat to a successful entrepreneur doing what’s necessary and being creative to keep his business moving forward. If you are thinking of staying on the east end of LI, definitely consider staying at his properties and enjoying the excellent accommodations.

I asked Rob what he is doing to safeguard his guests. Here were his replies:

  1. Proactive HR.  I set out immediately to see who was comfortable and who wasn’t, to determine the members of the team who would be staying on to serve at the Hotels. Those who were not comfortable were given the most generous outplacement we could afford and are filling for unemployment.  Long story short boosting employee morale was key.
  2. Eliminate/Revise Amenities. In concert with Federal and State mandates and Hospitality industries best practices, we closed our Fitness Center, Meeting Rooms, Public Area Bathroom and changed buffet breakfast service to pre-packaged, individually served offerings.
  3. Enhanced Cleaning/Limited Housekeeping. We staffed additional Housekeepers to public spaces to ensure that high impact/high risk areas were more frequently and thoroughly cleaned. We also changed daily in-room Housekeeping services to once every five days, or with each guestroom turnover.
  4. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Revision. All Hotel SOP’s were looked at to see how we could maximize social distance, eliminating interpersonal contact as much as possible.  A great example is our new remote check-in system.  Now our Front Desk Representatives pre-check in guests virtually and set up a key pick up area at a remote location away from our reception area.
  5. Infrastructure Buildout/Supplies Provision. Plexiglass screens were fitted onto our Front Desks for the occasional and unavoidable need for Representative/Guest interactions. Stanchions were placed to ensure guest social distancing. Finally, ample masks and gloves were secured for Representatives use while on duty.
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