New Mobile Location Management Update for TimeWorksPlus users!

June 24, 2020
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June 24, 2020 Associated HCM

New Mobile Location Management Update for TimeWorksPlus users!

This week, a new updated to TimeWorksPlus was released. The new update is called Mobile Location Management and combines the two existing features you know as GPS Pinpoint and geofencing. The focus of Mobile Location Management is to solve all of your clients’ mobile workforce needs.

GPS Pinpoint allowed administrators to see the geo-location coordinates of a mobile punch, and geofencing allowed administrators to create virtual geofences and to see whether an employee punched in or outside of the geofences.

Mobile Location Management combines these two older features and includes the following improvements:

  • A visual map of punch locations
  • The ability to view the address of a mobile punch
  • The ability to set and track multiple geofences

A new activation model and pricing will apply, too. Along with this update we are changing the way we deliver Mobile Location Management:

  1. The GPS Location setting will no longer be available for sites adding new geo-location services. With this update, the only way to include any type of geo-location functionality will be to add Mobile Location Management to the account.
  2. All existing geofencing sites will be automatically grandfathered into Mobile Location Management at no additional cost. If you are currently using geofencing, you will be upgraded to Mobile Location Management at the same cost.
  3. There are no changes to sites that are currently using GPS Pinpoint. We encourage those sites to upgrade to Mobile Location Management to take advantage of new-and-improved features for greater value.

If you are interested in adding Mobile Location Management to your timeclock services, please let your customer service representative know!

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