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The Affordable Care Act and all of its provisions are still in effect. Employer Shared Responsibility reporting requirements are still applicable as well. All Applicable Large Employers should be prepared to file complete and correct tax returns.

Businesses that are considered an applicable large employer under the employer shared responsibility (ESR) provisions under the Affordable Care Act — that is, any employer with 50 or more full-time employees, including full-time equivalents — are required to provide detailed reporting to the IRS of full-time employees and of health insurance offered to these employees, their spouses, and their dependents.

If your business is an applicable large employer, you must file Forms 1094-C and 1095-C with the IRS as well as provide Forms 1095-C to their full-time employees, or face potentially costly non-filing penalties.

Our ACA Report will analyze of all your employees and classify them in the proper employment category. It will also give you a monthly summary of where you stand with regards to the 50 FT/FTE employee threshold.

The services also includes monthly consultation calls with an Associated HCM ACA Team Member who will help determine how to track the data needed to complete the necessary forms, as well as go over any new or updated information.

When it is time to produce and file the necessary forms, Associated HCM will provide Forms 1095-C to be disbursed to employees and file all completed forms with the IRS.

Don't Get Stuck Paying ACA Penalties

Associated HCM has a comprehensive suite of ACA tools and reports that make it easy to determine the impact ACA will have on your business.

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ACA Eligibility Analysis Report


In addition to forms 1094 B/C and 1095 B/C, Associated HCM offers several reports to help ensure that your business is up-to-date with ACA requirements. ACA reports within the system include: ACA FTE Report, ACA Eligibility Analysis Report, Rule of Parity Report and Inactive Employee Report, ACA 1095 Edit Report, 1095 Preview Report, ACA Affordability Report, and the ACA Status Report.

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