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With over 15 years of payroll experience in New York, we’ve tailored our expertise, customer service and flexible products and services to the unique needs of small and mid-sized businesses by helping them reduce costs through outsourcing their payroll services.

When it comes to managing employees, nothing is more important than making sure their paychecks are accurate and delivered on time. With Associated HCM Payroll, your business can rest easy knowing your employees’ paychecks are being handled on the industry’s leading payroll and tax engine. Associated HCM Payroll is a SaaS-based payroll and tax management system that provides features, flexibility and best practices to handle nearly every type of payroll, regardless of complexity or uniqueness.

The most robust and powerful payroll and tax engine for service bureaus on the market.


  • Payroll & Tax Management
  • Employee Portal
  • ACA Reporting

Easy and Robust

With easy navigation to key functions, and a robust employee module, Associated HCM helps your business with productivity, accuracy and control.

  • Scalability to handle clients of all sizes and complexity levels.
  • One of the most secure, auditable platforms on the market.
  • Built-in best practices for tax & ACA compliance and efficiency.
  • Ability to go completely paperless with automated paperless options, eliminating delivery fees.
Evolution Branded Payroll

Payroll and Tax Management

Whether it’s a simple payroll for a small company or a complex payroll for a large company with multiple locations, Associated HCM can handle nearly every type of payroll.

Associated HCM can support payroll entries from employers from anywhere in the world with internet access via our proprietary SaaS-based system. It is also easy to accommodate payroll and reconciliation for any company structure with our Client, Company and Organization Level set up. Beyond paying employees, keeping up with the ever-changing federal, state and local payroll taxes can be a complex and time consuming task, but with Associated HCM’s integrated Tax Management engine you can rest assured your business will remain in compliance. You can feel confident with Associated HCM’s Payroll tax management engine. Our tax professionals research and maintain federal, state, and local tax rates, tax brackets and statutory limits so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Employee Portal

With easy navigation to key functions, and a robust employee module, Associated HCM helps your business with productivity, accuracy and control.

  • Easy access to pay information.
  • Ability to print paystubs and W-2s.
  • View time off accrual.
  • Ability to send automatic time-off requests directly to manager for approval.
Evolution Branded Payroll

Associated HCM’s Employee Portal allows employees to update personal information, to view time off accruals and send in requests for time off from their computers or mobile devices. Notifications are sent to managers alerting them of any new requests or changes. Employees also have the ability to access pay data, view and print paystubs and W-2s; a real time-saver at tax time! When your business is looking to do more with less to remain competitive, your employees will appreciate the efficiency of Associated HCM’s Employee Portal. Managers can review and approve employee data changes and time off requests online. Managers also have the ability to post company-wide announcements and important information for employees to see when they log in.

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